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The cost of new machines continues to rise. But why buy new, when you can overhaul a favourite machine at a fraction of the cost?


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Perkins provides the industry’s most complete range of remanufactured and replacement engines. Now more cost-effective and more readily available than ever before, a major overhaul has become a viable alternative to buying a new machine.

Remain productive, meet emission standards and regain that as-new engine performance – complete with factory-standard warranty.

You’ll also benefit from a higher resale value when you eventually decide it’s time to sell.

We offer new, off-the-shelf, complete replacement engines on select models, which meet emissions standards and are a drop-in aftermarket overhaul solution.

  • New Long Engines and Reman Long Engines - Our long engines are built to a design specification that provides flexibility and value for customers requiring a re-power.
  • New Short Engines and Reman Short Engines - Our short engines are an economical repair option with minimal downtime, delivering a dependable solution for major engine seizures.
  • New Complete Head - If your cylinder head is damaged, but the rest of the engine is in good condition, our complete heads are a quick and cost-effective solution.
  • Additional Products and Services - To complement our replacement engine solutions, we also offer exclusive aftermarket products such as extended warranties and specially formulated engine oil and coolant.

Re-engineered replacement engine solutions offer significant benefits to end-users, including:

  • Like-for-like engine performance at a fraction of the cost of a new machine
  • Minimising expensive tier upgrade costs with a like-for-like engine replacement
  • Greater return on your investment by extending the life of your machine and improving its resale value
  • As quick and easy as buying new, maximising productivity and minimising downtime
  • Reassurance of 100 percent genuine Perkins parts, with factory standard warranties.

Replacement engines

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Thinking of buying a new machine? Watch our video to see how our reman and replacement engines are a cost-effective option to extend the life of your existing machine.

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