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Combine harvester in field
Combine harvester in field


Is your farm powered by Perkins? Engine choice matters. The right power unit makes the difference between a good machine that performs… and an outstanding machine that excels.



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Since the first days of the mass-produced diesel engine, Perkins has put its power into agriculture. Characterised by economy, reliability and longevity, farmers on every continent have come to recognise that a Perkins engine won’t let you down when you need it most.

Every Perkins engine carries the same trusted pedigree that’s made them best-sellers for nearly 90 years. But the main reason why Perkins is the preferred choice for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is that we provide more than engines; we provide a complete power solution.

By supporting OEMs in everything from engine design and development, through to machine installation, Perkins helps manufacturers to meet their market needs and challenges.

Which means that as a farmer, by specifying a model powered by Perkins, you can be assured that you benefit from the best combination of performance, efficiency and economy. Perkins engines are designed for agriculture, designed for you and – with a sector-leading aftermarket and support offering – designed for your farm business.