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How we keep a Perkins-powered farm moving



Customer case studies

Our collection of case studies reveals why businesses around the world trust the reliability and performance of Perkins engines. 

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If your farm is powered by Perkins, we can help you keep your on-farm equipment running at peak productivity.

Because our engines are designed for agriculture, we understand exactly what you, as a farmer, grower, contractor or operator, expect from them. Factors such as reliability, longevity, ease of operation and availability of parts.

For every Perkins engine on your farm, our aim is to support you in extracting the maximum from it: a long and trouble-free operation. Perkins team of engineers and product specialists works to a policy of continuous innovation – and it goes beyond the design of new engines and new power sources.

Whether it’s a tractor, a self-propelled sprayer, a loader or a UTV, if it’s powered by Perkins then our range of products and services will keep it operating in perfect condition.

Products and services