Parts and delivery
Parts and delivery

Aftermarket support

When it comes to maximising the uptime of your engine, we’re all in this together.



Maximise your engine’s uptime



30,000 genuine parts in stock



Access 3,500 Perkins outlets in 175 countries



Benefit from expert advice, from trained Perkins technicians





Customer case studies

Our collection of case studies reveals why businesses around the world trust the reliability and performance of Perkins engines. 

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The final cut of alfalfa. The last field of wheat. Or the first spraying opportunity you’ve had in days.

Times like these are when you least need a breakdown. Yet times like these are when they most often seem to occur.

While we’ve designed and built our engines not to fail, we know there will always be occasions when you need our support. Whether it’s getting hold of a part, or seeking advice on a technical issue, we aim to get what you need, when you need it.

Our entire aftermarket operation is built around speed: ensuring your engine returns to operations as soon as possible. So our fast and responsive customer support is never far away, nor the 30,000 Perkins genuine parts available from stock – every one of them engineered precisely for your specific engine model.

Aftermarket solutions

Access to parts and advice is through our local distributor network, which has more than 3,500 outlets in 175 countries. You’ll find trained technicians, electronic service tool technology, and extensive knowledge gained from working with Perkins engines on a day-to-day basis. Not only are we near you, we also speak your language. Find your local distributor here.



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