Perkins® SmartCap and Perkins® My Engine App | Agriculture

Perkins® SmartCap and Perkins® My Engine App

Perkins® SmartCap and Perkins® My Engine App | Agriculture

Perkins® SmartCap is the world’s first low-cost engine-level connectivity device. It brings your legacy Perkins engine into the modern data-driven world, improving maintenance and record-keeping, and providing 24/7 location information.

At a stroke, you can transform your service and workshop records. No more oily service booklets, no more missing pages and no more missed service intervals.

Perkins® SmartCap is an innovative digital solution that can be used on both new and existing Perkins mechanical and electronic engines.

Replacing the oil filler cap, Perkins SmartCap allows end-users to connect a smartphone to their engine via the free Perkins® My Engine app.

Monitoring the Perkins engine, the cap sends data to the Perkins My Engine app, providing Perkins customers with a range of valuable engine information:

  • Engine running hours
  • Engine location
  • Service reminders and service log
  • Start and stop data
  • Parts book and consumables information

Fitted in just minutes, the cap/app combination provides instant engine-level connectivity.

To order, contact your local Perkins distributor.

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