4.4TGM Marine Diesel Engine

Auxiliary 4.4TGM

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Key Specs

Minimum Power
75.6 HP
56.4 kW
Maximum Power
85.3 HP
63.6 kW
4.1 in
105 mm


Our marine engines for auxiliary applications give you low cost of ownership, excellent fuel economy and competitive prices both for engine and parts. Auxiliary engines generate a vessel's on-board electricity, so they need to be quick to start and feature low noise and low emissions. For heavy duty requirements, such as powering a large fishing vessel's electrically driven net haul system, you really need the extra power that a dedicated auxiliary engine will give to you – rather than generating electricity from the propulsion engine.

Product Specifications for 4.4TGM

Minimum Power 75.6 HP 56.4 kW
Maximum Power 85.3 HP 63.6 kW
Maximum Torque 273.6 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm 371 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Rated Speed 1500-1800 rpm 1500-1800 rpm
Bore 4.1 in 105 mm
Stroke 5 in 127 mm
Displacement 286.5 in³ 4.4 l
Aspiration Turbocharged Turbocharged
Rotation from Flywheel End Anti-clockwise Anti-clockwise
Total Coolant Capacity 4 gal (US) 15 l
Total Lubricating Capacity 2.2 gal (US) 8.5 l
Combustion System Direct injection Direct injection
Compression Ratio 19.3:1 19.3:1
Cycle 4 stroke 4 stroke
Cooling System Liquid Liquid
Number of Cylinders 4 inline 4 inline
Dry Weight 1053.8 lb 478 kg
Wet Weight 1113.3 lb 505 kg
Length - Flywheel Housing 33.2 in 844 mm
Height 36.2 in 920 mm
Width 27.1 in 688 mm
Note 1 Final dimensions dependent on selected options Final dimensions dependent on selected options

4.4TGM Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Air filter
  • Closed engine breather system
  • Water jacketed exhaust manifold

Control system

  • Electronic governor (control to ISO 8528 G3)
  • Wiring harness with 23 way connector

Cooling system

  • Deareation headertank
  • Gear driven fresh and auxiliary water pumps
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling water system

Flywheels and flywheel housing

  • Backend - SAE3

Fuel system

  • Rotary fuel injection pump
  • Spin on fuel oil filter and separator

Oil system

  • Flat bottomed cast iron sump
  • Spin on full flow lubrication oil filter with integral lubrication oil cooler on left side of engine

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