4.4GM Marine Diesel Engine


Features At A Glance

Low cost of ownership
Low noise and low emissions
Reliable power

Product Specifications for 4.4GM

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Power Rating


Engine Dimensions*


4.4GM Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Air filter
  • Closed engine breather system
  • Water jacketed exhaust manifold

Control system

  • Electronic governor (control to ISO 8528 G3)
  • Wiring harness with 23 way connector

Cooling system

  • Deareation headertank
  • Gear driven fresh and auxiliary water pumps
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling water system

Flywheels and flywheel housing

  • Backend - SAE3

Fuel system

  • Rotary fuel injection pump
  • Spin on fuel oil filter and separator

Oil system

  • Flat bottomed cast iron sump
  • Spin on full flow lubrication oil filter with integral lubrication oil cooler on left side of engine

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