Trusted choice for the global rental machine market

Trusted choice for the global rental machine market

The rental market is growing all over the world, and we at Perkins are part of that growth. We understand the special requirements and priorities of customers whose business is renting out equipment and machinery to clients. And we have the experience and dedication to meet your challenges, wherever in the world you may be.

Rental companies require low owning and operating costs. They insist on engines that are simple to operate and service, with an established record of flexibility and reliability. And if there’s a problem, they demand fast, responsive on-the-ground support so they can provide maximum uptime for their customers. Perkins helps them to maximise machine utilisation, protecting their business reputation and leading to enhanced profitability and a good return on investment.

Engines to inspire confidence

Perkins plays a leading role both in the established rental markets of Europe and the U.S, and in the rapidly growing markets of Latin America and South East Asia.

Perkins power has a tradition that inspires confidence, with advanced engine technology and expertise. We have global reach and local presence, so we supply Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with engines that meet the emissions standards for your region. They’re also designed to cope with whatever climate and environmental conditions you experience in your part of the world.

All our engines are built on more than 80 years of experience, which adds real value and resilience to your machine. We have manufactured more than 20 million engines in the 4-2000 kW (5-2800 hp) range, and we support an active field population around the globe of around 4.5 million.

The world knows that our engines can be trusted for reliability, ease of integration and low cost of ownership.

Rental support program

Currently in North America our rental customers know they can rely on our record. We carry a vast range of parts in stock, and can deliver them to you within 24 hours or sooner. And for speed and ease of service, we supply specific parts packages to cover individual service requirements.

As part of our Rental Support Program we can offer Perkins engine training, engine diagnostic capability and customised solutions to minimise downtime. Along with our seamless warranty provisions, our fast and simple ordering procedures, and our speed of response, this all adds up to lower costs and improved profitability across the board.

Understanding the rental market

We understand rental markets all over the world. Members of our team bring years decades of rental experience to our service, and our continual voice of the customer programmes mean we keep ahead of changing conditions and new priorities.

For instance, we understand that rental companies need to strike a balance between keeping a wide range of spare parts on the shelf for high-speed service, and minimising the costs of holding stock. Our fast and reliable parts delivery helps to solve that problem.

We have the global experience to respond to the differences in rental markets all over the world, and the commitment to meet your individual requirements.

At Perkins, we exceed your expectations so that you can do the same for your clients.


Getting the job done for rental customers

Uptime is everything in the equipment rental market, and at Perkins we place strong emphasis on helping rental companies keep their machines on rent. Our Perkins Rental Support Programme is designed to give rental companies the ability to perform repairs with direct factory support.

Minimising downtime is important for all users of Perkins engines, but especially for rental companies. Downtime is lost revenue.

In the event of an engine problem, if we can help rental companies help themselves in a timely fashion, everyone wins. The Perkins Rental Support Programme (PRSP) enables us to do just that.

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Getting the job done for rental customers