Telematics can be about a lot more than theft prevention


Machines equipped with telematics have been ‘calling home’ to let owner’s know where they are and when they’re running for nearly 25 years. But, according to a recent article in International Rental News magazine, the data provided by telematics systems can be used by rental companies for a lot more than simple location and run time monitoring.

Examples include opportunities to build a more loyal customer base by offering lower rental costs for lightly used machines; paying by the hour of actual use instead of flat rates; limiting access to only operators with proper training and credentials; and, monitoring jobsite safety issues.

By monitoring run time, telematics also can help track carbon emissions to support the growing number of jobsite emission reporting requirements. Telematics can also streamline maintenance and minimise downtime and will ultimately provide the data to support effective predictive maintenance programmes.

These capabilities will continue to grow in importance as older equipment is replaced by machines powered by modern, telematics-equipped engines.

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