New Perkins® 2806J-E18TAG1 expands EU Stage V electric power offering.

Perkins continues to invest in its product range with the addition of an 18-litre engine designed to meet the critical needs of the electric power generation industry.



Building on its already comprehensive EU Stage V power offering, Perkins is announcing a new addition to the range – the 2806J-E18TAG1 ElectropaK. With over 90 years of design experience and more than 3 million Perkins-powered generator sets operating around the world, Perkins understands the needs of the power generation industry. This knowledge and expertise have driven the design and development of the 2806J-E18TAG1, a new engine that delivers a powerful package and ease of integration, to meet the requirements of the electric power sector.

By achieving ISO 8528-5 G2 performance, the 2806J – which is available to order – provides excellent load acceptance in a wide range of electric power applications. From a stationary prime source of power to a mobile unit serving the rental sector, the 2806J performs seamlessly, generating dependable power for everything from jobsites to critical installations including hospitals and data centres.

Keeping the power on

“Reliable electric power is not an option, it’s a fundamental need to keep operations running, whether that’s for standby when the mains power fails or to meet onsite prime power requirements,” says Jaz Gill, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, Service and Parts. “Our engines are engineered and expertly crafted to provide reliable, stable and sustainable power for our customers, with the new 2806J being the latest in a long line of products that also deliver a low total cost of ownership.”

For generator manufacturers and end users looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, the 2806J can, subject to the fuel used meeting Perkins’ fuel specifications*, run with biodiesel up to B20 based on a 20 percent dilution of biodiesel with standard diesel or on 100 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). 

Connectivity solutions to help generator set end users maximise their investment

The 2806J produces up to 610 kVA at 50 Hz and is switchable to 60 Hz, delivering up to 625 kVA. The ElectropaK features the latest electronics with a single, on-engine electronic control module (ECM) that simplifies wiring harnesses, eases installation, supports future diagnostics and is fully capable of integration with customers’ telematics solution. The ECM also manages all aspects of aftertreatment operation and regeneration without operator input. Regeneration occurs automatically with no impact to performance, maximising uptime.

Additionally, Perkins offers a powerful and growing portfolio of connectivity solutions that can help promote the optimal performance of diesel engines. Available as a standalone service from Perkins or easily integrated with generator equipment manufacturers’ offerings, connected engine capabilities deliver timely insights through a customisable dashboard of performance, fuel and oil consumption, and other vital engine data points that assist in maximising the uptime of Perkins-powered equipment.

These connectivity offerings are seamlessly integrated with expert maintenance and service capabilities from the Perkins global distributor network to prompt the proactive diagnosis and resolution of engine issues, helping technicians provide solutions and minimise downtime and repair expenses.

A range of solutions for the power generation industry

The new 2806J-E18TAG1 joins the Perkins full line up of 0.5- to 18-litre Stage V certified engines for electric power with outputs from 4 kW @ 1500 rpm to 559 kW @ 1500 rpm. The line includes models from the 400 Series, 904 Series, 1200 Series, 1700 Series, and the 2000 Series configured and equipped specifically for power generation applications.

These power dense and highly efficient engines are engineered to meet the industry’s requirements for responsive, reliable performance and low cost of ownership in today’s environment.

All Perkins engines are supported by the global support network of 88 distributors covering 185 countries, ensuring stable and sustainable electric power when customers need it, where they need it and how they need it.

Together we power ahead

Teksan, is a Turkish energy specialist with the capacity to supply more than 15,000 generator sets annually and a customer base covering more than 140 countries.

Their products are frequently used under extreme conditions with temperatures ranging from -40° C in the winter to nearly 40° C in the summer plus remote locations and some unusual packaging requirements, all of which call for reliable, robust power solutions.

Teksan recently exhibited its range of Stage V rental generators at the International Rental Exhibition (IRE) in the Netherlands and one of the stars of the show was its compact 50 Hz TJ 200 S5-RP rental generator set, fitted with a Perkins® 1206J-E70TTAG3. The durable and fuel-efficient inline 6-cylinder engine delivers 220 kVA standby and 200 kVA prime power.

Perkins rental sector expert Dave Stollery, who was at the exhibition, said: “I was delighted to see Teksan showing it’s Perkins-powered TJ 200 S5-RP generator set at this key European rental show. The Perkins® 1206J meets Stage V emission standards – key for the European mobile generator set sector – while delivering the reliable and fuel-efficient power that’s so vital for rental applications.”

* Fuels must meet the specifications and characteristics described on in order to be used in Perkins engines and reduce the risk of downtime.

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