Mahindra 6675 tractor
Mahindra 6675 tractor


A powerful collaboration to support Brazilian agriculture.

Perkins’ commitment to collaboration defines our approach to business. We work side by side at every stage of the process - from the initial design, through validation, production, to ongoing field support - to deliver critical power, productivity, and reliable support. A prime example is the collaboration between Perkins and Mahindra.



Award winning solutions

Throughout Perkins’ 90-year history there are many success stories in different sectors and regions that showcase the power of collaboration with our customers.

In the realm of agricultural equipment, the recent collaboration between Perkins and Mahindra in Brazil is another story to add to the long list, as Mahindra’s 6675 F Perkins-powered tractor recently secured the prestigious ‘Tractor of the Year 2023/24’ award.

For more than 60 years Perkins has been recognised for supplying high-performance and reliable engines to agricultural machinery manufacturers across Latin America. Manufactured at our factory in Curitiba, our engines meet the specific needs of this region and sector.

A recognised global leader in tractor manufacturing, Mahindra, has been present in Brazil for the last six years and has already made its mark. The latest product to be released in the region is the 6675 F tractor, featuring a bold design, a unique cabin for stone fruit orchards and the reliable Perkins® 1100 Series engine.

Perkins power

With Perkins powering over 5,000 different applications worldwide, there's no doubt we know how to tailor solutions for a wide range of requirements. In the case of the 6675 F tractor, which is designed to optimise stone fruit production, minimise crop damage and maximise fuel efficiency, the engine chosen to meet these needs was the 4-cylinder model from the 1100 Series family. The engine features mechanical injection, delivers a maximum of 75 hp, has low fuel consumption with high operational performance, and meets MAR-1 requirements. As well as delivering benefits to the farmer, this range of engines also promote more sustainable agricultural practices.

Together we power ahead

“The collaboration between Perkins and Mahindra is a clear demonstration of what's possible when a passion for innovation meets a commitment to excellence, and the result speaks for itself”, says Rafael Souza, Perkins regional marketing manager for LATAM. “The ‘Tractor of the Year 2023/24’ award given to the 6675 F is not just a celebration of design and engineering but also of the vision and dedication of two brands that, together, are redefining standards in Brazilian agriculture.”

Gilberto Dutra, Mahindra marketing coordinator, explains: “The 6675 F tractor won the Tractor of The Year Award for its bold design, lower cabin, and reliable Perkins engine, making it a standout choice for working in stone fruit crops."

Commitment to Latin America

Rafael continues: “We continually strive to be the trusted engine supplier at every step of the journey and, to reinforce this commitment to Latin America, we will be attending the SAE Brazil Agricultural Machinery Symposium for the eighth consecutive time. As the main sponsor of SAE Brazil, our participation aims to show industry professionals the power of our collaboration with OEMs, such as Mahindra and various agricultural manufacturers.”

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