1206J-E70TTAG Electric Power Diesel Engine


Product Specifications for 1206J-E70TTAG

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Total Power Range

50 Hz Typical Electrical Output

60 Hz Typical Electrical Output

Emission Standards


ElectropaK Dimensions



1206J-E70TTAG Standard Equipment

Aftertreatment technology

  • 3ʺ flex pipe connection kit with rotatable elbow for 60° and 90° RS inlet flexibility
  • DOC - Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
  • DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Passive regeneration system
  • SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction

Air inlet system

  • Standard air cleaners

Cooling system

  • 50:50 water glycol mix
  • Tropical radiator as standard ensures optimal cooling performances all year round in any state

Control system

  • Flexible and configurable software features and well supported SAE J1939 CAN bus enables highly integrated machines
  • Full electronic control system, all connectors and wiring looms waterproof and designed to withstand harsh off-highway environments

Flywheels and flywheel housing

  • Includes SAE No. 2 and SAE No. 3 flywheel housing

Fuel system

  • Electronic high pressure common rail
  • Innovative filter design to ensure maximum protection of the engine

Oil system

  • Flat bottomed, isolated, aluminum sump

Standard emissions control equipment

  • NRS – NOx Reduction System

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