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Generating excitement with the 5000 Series debut

U.S. based Taylor Power Systems has been manufacturing Perkins-powered stationary standby generators for critical applications in hospitals, nursing homes, airports, data centres, federal buildings and global corporations since 1986. With that long history, it’s no surprise that Taylor Power is the first company in North America to offer a 1-Megawatt inline generator powered by the new Perkins® 5008C-E30TAG engine.

Taylor Power

“For years we have requested that Perkins bring the 5000 Series engines to us,” said Thomas Culpepper, manager of product design and development for Taylor Power. “As soon as we found out it was going to be available, we insisted on providing a purchase order prior to the conclusion of our lunch meeting. 

“Based on proven reliability and previous quality that we experienced with Perkins we were excited to be the first customer to purchase this engine in North America. We saw the value immediately.”

As the engineering process evolved, the customer value and benefits of the Perkins 5008C-powered TD1000P generator became even more evident. The compact, power dense engine made it possible to design a substantially smaller generator package. And because the 5008C is built specifically for power generation the optimised turbocharger configuration provides superior load acceptance. 

“The 5008C is new, but a Perkins-powered Taylor generator is certainly not new to the market,” Thomas said. “We’ve worked hard to build a brand that customers recognise is going to be with them for the long haul. Choosing this product is going to give our customers a lot of peace of mind.”


Want to know more? Read the full case study.

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