Way Industries sets its sights on future growth with its upgraded range of Locust skid steer loaders

Way Industries


Engine Specification
Perkins® 403J-E17T
Perkins® 404J-E22T
Perkins® 404D-22/T
Perkins® 904J-E28T
Perkins® 904D-E28T


Skid steer loader

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Way Industries is a manufacturing company that understands its customers’ requirements. From its headquarters in Krupina, Slovakia, Way Industries has rapidly grown its customer base and today sells its range of equipment into Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and North and South America.

With a focus on satisfying its customers by supplying high-quality products, Way Industries has sought to work with like-minded suppliers, to ensure both customer retention and growth.

Since 2016, Way Industries has fitted Perkins® 854 Series engines into its Locust branded range of skid steer loaders and more recently, has upgraded its line up to offer EU Stage V machines fitted with three engines from the Perkins® Syncro range—the 403J-E17T, the 404J-E22T and the 904J-E28T.

Based on the company’s popular UNC 060 skid steer loader which emerged in 1981, the Locust range of L753, L903, L1203 and L1203 Telespeed skid steer loaders are 100 percent powered by Perkins’ 45- and 55 kW engines. The range includes options that meet Stage V and lesser regulated emissions standards equivalent to Stage IIIA in other territories using the 404D-22/T and 904D-E28T engines.

“Our customer base includes small entrepreneurs in construction through to large-scale farms,” says Jakub Polievka, director of sales at Way Industries. “Our customers’ requirements are a priority for us, so we focus on delivering a quality product, every time. We focus on the detail and use components that we have developed or where necessary, suppliers who meet our stringent quality standards.”

Over the years Way Industries has built a collaborative relationship with Perkins and its distributor, Secodi, which has also provided considerable technical expertise and support to ensure the Stage V engine installations in the Locust range have all been optimised by model and customer requirements.

“From the first installation through to the final approval process we’ve worked together to install the compact and powerful 403—a new option in the Locust range—and 404 engine models, as well as the new 2.8 litre Perkins Syncro engine, all at Stage V and Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards,” says Jakub.

This successful collaboration meant the Locust brand was one of the first to bring its Stage V powered skid steer loaders to market.

“With the upgrades we’ve made to the Locust range and the addition of these compact yet powerful 3- and 4 cylinder engines, I know we have delivered a range of Stage V machines that will truly meet our customers’ requirements,” Jakub adds.   

One significant area of business for the Locust brand is the growing Russian market, where equipment needs to reliably operate with poor fuel quality in Siberian conditions of up to -45 °C. Secodi has worked closely with Way Industries to help design the product to suit these cold conditions, focusing on starting aids and fuel filtration efficiency among other enhancements.

With 100 percent of the Locust range and majority of Way Industries machine offer powered by Perkins, the collaboration between Way Industries and Secodi has never been stronger.

“We’ve established a dedicated team at Secodi to support Way Industries,” says Pierre Bonnet, new engine sales manager at Secodi. “From research and development reviews to engine integration, and logistic support including having available stock so as we can quickly meet additional demands, we’re focused on delivering on our customer’s needs, so as they can deliver for theirs.”

Jakub adds: “For us, quality is important, followed by flexibility to meet each customer’s request. We have found these two things by working with Secodi, who have provided us with great flexibility in terms of supply and demand, enabling us to always find a solution. We’re looking forward to continuing our business growth and continuing to grow our relationship with Secodi and Perkins.” 

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