Emissions and technology

Globally, there are increasingly stringent standards on emissions – and the technology we use ensures our products meet the standards wherever the engines are being used in the world.

Our diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filters, selective catalytic reduction, series turbos, exhaust gas recirculation, high pressure common rail fuel systems and ammonia oxidation catalysts give high-end performance with reduced engine emissions.

When it comes to emissions and technology, Perkins is a world leader. Our engines employ the latest techniques to ensure your customers meet emission standards wherever they are.

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We’ve been on an exciting journey of innovation and dynamic product development as emission standards have become more stringent over the years.

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Emissions technology

Our solutions provide OEMs with improved performance and fuel efficiency, dependable power and a lifetime of low costs for the operator.

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Engine optimisation and integration

Collaboration with our customers is the cornerstone of Perkins engine design – and it’s the reason we’re a leader in diesel engine development.

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Fuel quality around the world can vary markedly and this can affect both the short-term performance of your engine, and potentially its long-term future.

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