The power of technology integration

Reducing time to market and minimising development costs are vital priorities for every Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) when launching new machines. The Technology Integration Workshop (TIW) programme is a unique collaborative concept developed by Perkins that sees our experts work side by side with you as the OEM to make engine integration more effective. The TIW programme empowers this joint team to deal effectively with the many challenges of product development – and implement solutions quickly.

Since its launch in 2008 the Perkins TIW programme has helped more than 150 OEMs to solve the myriad technology and engineering issues arising during the engine integration process. In essence, it’s all about collaboration.

Initially conceived as a way to help OEMs navigate the EU Stage IIIB/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions standards, over 500 engine/machine installations have since been completed.

With engine complexity increasing, emissions standards continuing to evolve and the constant drive to improve productivity and fuel efficiency, the TIW provides a focal point for improvement activities that deliver tangible results.

“In two to three days we can achieve together what used to take weeks if not months. We do not rely on file exchanges, telephone discussions or websites. We work with the OEM, side by side, to ensure optimal integration between engine and machine.” Daniel Clayton, segment marketing manager

The Collaboration Centre in Peterborough is the focal point for the TIWs.

The power of technology integration

Realising the benefits

So, what benefits will you see? Firstly the process ensures that you identify the optimal power solution for your machine. Development times are reduced by up to six months on average, while a quicker time to market is enabling OEMs to realise a faster return on investment.

We understand that one of the challenges you face is that packaging new emissions technologies means applying significant engineering resources and development budget while managing increased risk. Our TIW allows you to benefit from additional Perkins resources and know-how, reducing the time needed to finalise designs and thereby mitigating risks during engine/machine integration.

How the TIW works

Perkins has a purpose built Collaboration Centre on-site in Peterborough, UK, which enables OEMs to explore installations in a virtual environment using the latest engineering software tools. The technology means there is no need to cut metal and the solution can be optimised so that engine performance is tailored to the machine’s duty cycle.

Ahead of the TIW, applications engineers use a Computer Aided Design (CAD) model of the application to develop an engine design specification. During the workshop itself you can then explore how technologies are used to optimise engine performance via a virtual installation.

Each TIW is a short, highly focused activity, usually lasting two to three days. On the agenda are areas such as emissions standards, a product overview, emissions technology, aftertreatment, engine architecture and performance, and a virtual installation. Activity often focuses on the final optimisation stage of engine integration, but can also be employed at an earlier stage of the development process.

Collaboration is key

The essence of the TIW process is to bring people with the right expertise together. More than 50 dedicated engineers are on hand to work with you in an environment specifically designed to foster collaboration, featuring large banks of LED screens clustered around desk pods.

We can also tailor the location of the TIW to suit your needs. To make sure that all OEMs are able to benefit, regardless of their size and location, we can run TIWs in conjunction with our distributors at their own premises or at other Perkins facilities.

Ultimately, the TIW is all about delivering a competitive advantage for you, our customers. Whether that advantage is in time to market or in-service performance, you can rest assured that participating in a Technology Integration Workshop produces results.


Technology integration workshop

UK-based manufacturer Knight Farm Machinery is a leader in crop sprayers and has been using Perkins engines since 2002 on its 1835 and 2050 Vista self-propelled models. When the company decided to introduce the Perkins 1206F engine on its machines to meet the EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards, the collaborative environment of a Technology Integration Workshop (TIW) proved the ideal place to fine tune the transition.

Knights Farm Machinery
Knights Machinery sprayer
Knights Machinery sprayer