Technology integration workshop

UK-based manufacturer Knight Farm Machinery is a leader in crop sprayers and has been using Perkins engines since 2002 on its 1835 and 2050 Vista self-propelled models. When the company decided to introduce the Perkins 1206F engine on its machines to meet the EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards, the collaborative environment of a Technology Integration Workshop (TIW) proved the ideal place to fine tune the transition.

Ensuring that machines meet the latest emissions standards can be a significant challenge for many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Knight Farm Machinery and Perkins worked together using the TIW programme to overcome the hurdle with the minimum of fuss.

“What we liked about the 1206F engine was that it came as a complete package, with the aftertreatment neatly integrated on top of the unit. For us, that meant a pretty seamless transition from one engine type to the next with little additional engineering being required”
David Main, sales manager at Knight

“A big part of that successful transition was our participation in the TIW because it enabled us to get all our relevant people and Perkins engine specialists together in one room to iron out the practical details around the installation. It was a great opportunity to share ideas, troubleshoot any technology issues and make sure that our team was fully conversant with the engine.

“Although the engine sits a little taller on the chassis, a modification on the engine cowl meant we were able to accommodate the extra height of the aftertreatment quite easily. For us, being able to move our machines onto the next emissions standards in a straightforward fashion has been great.”

Dr Darren Bentley, engineering manager at Knight, added: “We liked the ease with which we could integrate the new Stage IV engine into our sprayers. The engine-mounted aftertreatment really worked for us.”

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