A custom solution for Geotec

A custom solution for Geotec

Perkins distributor BU Power Systems worked with a German manufacturer on the development of a new range of drilling rigs. The transport height of the rig meant that the engine package selected – a 1206E-E70TTA specified as a standard IOPU package operating with an engine-fitted Clean Emission Module (CEM) – had to be reconfigured. Teams from the customer and the distributor worked together to develop the solution.

Geotec Bohrtechnik, a leading German manufacturer of drilling rigs and equipment, chose a Perkins 1206E-E70TTA to power its forward-looking Rotomax XL series of drills. The equipment has been in development since mid-2012, with Geotec supported by BU Power Systems, the Perkins distributor in Germany.

The 1206E, which delivers 205 kW (275 hp) on the XL GTi drill, was initially specified as a standard IOPU package operating with an engine-fitted CEM.

In development, Geotec found the CEM sat too high, exceeding the maximum transport height of the rig. That’s when the unrivalled service from Perkins and its distributors provided the solution.

Close collaboration

Supported by 3D CAD modelling, a team from Geotec Bohrtechnik worked with BU Power Systems’ engineers to fit the CEM to the side of the engine and remove the lower engine frame.

The adapted unit not only met the height constraints, it was fitted in a position that offers good serviceability and open access to the engine itself.

This installation was the pilot for a new CAN-control device from BU Power Systems, which was developed specifically to meet the requirements for EU Stage IIIB/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim emission standards.


1206 range

1206 range

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