Helping you optimise uptime

We understand that equipment availability is a major factor in keeping your operations on schedule and maximising revenue. Which is why at Perkins we bring our collective expertise to bear on optimising the uptime of your machines through intelligent engine design coupled with a comprehensive aftermarket solution that provides rapid access to the parts and service you need.

To help you to maximise machine uptime Perkins power solutions drive increased productivity, lower operating costs and higher profitability. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We start by incorporating uptime into our design philosophy. Simplicity of engine layout means we can ensure that maintenance of one system doesn’t impose work elsewhere, while options for service point locations facilitate servicing in a variety of machines.

  2. We build our engines with competitive service intervals, minimising equipment downtime. And all this is combined with a focus on quality, so the engine solution you choose will perform consistently, even in the toughest environments.

  3. At the application level, we have mandatory installation requirements regarding cable support, vibration levels, and fuel and air connections, all designed to deliver durable hardware that keeps your machine in operation.

  4. Finally, we know the difference that exceptional aftermarket support can make. That’s why you can access our comprehensive network of distributor locations and a global product support team dedicated to fast and effective parts availability.