Collaboration the driving force in our engine design

Collaboration with our customers is the cornerstone of Perkins engine design – and it’s the reason we’re a leader in diesel engine development. By working with OEMs from the earliest planning stages, we find the best solution for you, however compact or unusual your application.

Our unique approach means we’ll make a product that matches your application, delivering a more productive machine that enjoys a lifetime of low costs.

We understand our customers at Perkins, which is why we lead the way in diesel engine development. Listening deeply to what you want influences how we design and integrate our engines.

We collaborate closely with you from the most embryonic stage of development and take you on a journey of integration, ensuring we provide a product that is the perfect match for your application.

Intelligent engine solutions

Our engines can’t be defined by a simple price per kW, because our approach is focused on more intelligent engine solutions. We concentrate on the three Ps:

  • Performance
  • Package size
  • Price

Applications engineers can draw up a Computer Aided Design model of your machine.

Collaboration the driving force in our engine design

Delivering world-class integration of engine and application requires total collaboration between our engineers and you, our customer. By working together from the earliest stages of design and development, we aim to build an engine which meets your needs from the outset, with no need for costly redesign. In addition, we have the expertise and flexible products that mean we can always find a solution that works for you, however unusual or compact your machine.

Technology Integration Workshops

Our Technology Integration Workshops (TIWs) offer a fresh and exciting approach to developing engines for specific applications. By bringing you together with our application engineers in one place we deliver faster and better results.

During our TIWs we collaborate closely with you on everything from emission standards to emission technology, aftertreatment, engine architecture and performance, and we will also build our engine into your machine as a model.

In some cases, we’re also able to build a prototype for installation in your machine. So before a single full-production part has been assembled, you’ll have the proven engine solution for your needs.

We establish what you want, then develop the new technologies required to meet your demands, equip your applications and overcome your challenges.