Bauma 2022 is sold out, but it won’t be a replay of 2019

Blurred exhibition hall

A recent article in Diesel Progress reported that while Bauma 2022 is sold out, the show itself may present a somewhat different experience for visitors. The changes go beyond the move from spring to October and revolve around uncertainties ranging from geopolitics to regional travel restrictions, which may limit the number of both visitors and exhibitors and a general reassessment of exhibition and travel policies by many companies in the pandemic aftermath.

Nevertheless, both Bauma management and the exhibitors who have chosen to attend, are optimistic.

“All in all, we can observe an increase in travel worldwide again,” Nicole Schmitt, exhibition director for Bauma said. “Hence, one thing seems to be clear: people are eager to meet in person again and trade shows are a great platform to do so.”

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