It’s been a good year for big tractors in the UK.

Large tractor in a field

Registrations of 50 horsepower and over tractors in the UK were up by almost six percent in the first half of 2023 compared to 2022 says Profi. Details of the 6,777 machines put into service revealed some interesting trends, including impressive growth in the over 160 horsepower segment and a decline in smaller tractor registrations.

According to Profi magazine, however, these results may represent the impact of recent supply chain disruptions making the larger tractors more available rather than a fundamental shift in market preferences.

Regional differences also were reflected in the numbers with much of the growth located in the south and east of England. The Home Counties were up 20 percent, but only saw 378 new tractors registered. That compares to 1,042 registered in the south west, 977 in the east and 793 in Scotland.

Northern Ireland, Wales and north west England all reported lower registrations than their 2022 totals.

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