CECE’s new president is focused on the future.

Busy boardroom

Jose Antonio Nieto became president of the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) on January 1, 2024. His 2-year tenure will include managing CECE’s expansion into the mining sector while guiding the organisation through what promises to be a turbulent economic and political period.

Speaking to International Rental News (IRN), Nieto, who is CEO of Putzmeister Iberica, noted that his experience in that role will be useful during the expansion into the mining sector. He also addressed issues ranging from guiding the organisation through the implementation of a range of new legislation to achieving sustainability and the future of diesel engines in the construction industry.

Balancing the achievement of “green” objectives with their impact on the cost-of-living will be another major challenge over the next few years he told IRN. Nieto is confident that a “holistic” approach by the industry to that and other issues, will help CECE members weather the turbulent times successfully.

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