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Avoid construction site ‘surprises’ with ground penetrating radar

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Locating buried objects with ground penetrating radar (GPR) may sound like science fiction, but the first practical pulse radar unit actually was patented in 1926. Today, GPR is an important tool used to find everything from buried utility lines and fibre optic cables to abandoned mines and sinkholes.

Knowing what’s below the surface and exactly where it is can make a major difference on a construction site. As a recent article in International Construction notes, a relatively simple GPR survey can locate a gas line, buried cable or other infrastructure under a major roadway.

Just knowing that something is there could avoid an unnecessary road closure plus significant downtime and the resulting economic impact on the surrounding area.

While the technology is not perfect, accuracy can be impacted by soil moisture and material content, it is easy to use, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive.

Compared to finding a subterranean ‘surprise’ it’s also invaluable.

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