Sophisticated digital tools zero in on rental challenges.

Technology on construction site

There is a lot more to the rental business than simply inventorying tools and equipment. The challenges include scheduling, transportation, maintenance, field and in-shop service, downtime management, environmental compliance and even theft prevention.

The good news, as reported in a recent issue of International Rental News, is that there is an abundance of sophisticated new digital tools available to address each of these challenges. The article covers a broad range of new or enhanced digital solutions aimed specifically at the rental industry.

Examples include apps that combine vehicle information, scheduling and navigation on a single device; automate equipment location and dispatching; track and schedule service; locate equipment in the field; and monitor and report CO2 emissions to meet compliance regulations. It’s even possible to communicate in real-time with units operating in the field to upload OEM software updates to the on-board Electronic Control Module (ECM) while the machine is operating.

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