Soon even your battery will need a passport.

Passport and pins on a map

If you operate in the EU there is a digital battery passport in your near future. According to a recent article in Power Progress magazine, beginning in early 2027 every battery classified as industrial, electric vehicle or light means of transport (LMT) and all over 2 kWh capacity will need an electronic record called a digital battery passport.

The Power Progress article goes on to say that EU Regulation 2023/1542 requires the passport to contain data available to the public including its “rated capacity, expected lifetime, material composition and carbon footprint information”. It will also contain other data including “disassembly instructions and replacement part numbers” available only to those with a “legitimate interest”.

Battery industry sources say the passport information will be very beneficial to owners facilitating more efficient utilisation throughout the battery life cycle, and offering the ability to update on board battery management software and better integrate with charging equipment and host vehicles.

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