Four key things to consider before starting a construction business


The construction industry offers many opportunities for an entrepreneur to start a lucrative business. Before taking the leap, however, an article in Construction UK magazine suggests that the would-be owner should carefully consider four factors that can lead to success or failure.

The first is a study of the market and the external factors that influence it. A current example is the impact of inflation and its knock-on effects.

Next is an analysis of starting costs and a plan to cover them. This includes finding ways to secure necessary funding which may include some form of business partnership to spread costs.

Securing necessary tools and equipment is a vital step and the way it’s done can have tax and financial impacts. Consideration also should be given to stockpiling commonly used materials to mitigate the impact of shortages and inflation.

Finally, marketing the business is essential and ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations by satisfied customers are the most effective way to market a new business.

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