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Lindner’s most powerful tractor

Tractors and equipment for alpine farming face a unique set of challenges which include operating at extreme angles for extended periods and starting under load on steep slopes. Vehicles built by Austrian based Lindner have been meeting those challenges for more than 70 years and Perkins has been powering many of them, including the new Lintrac 130 tractor and Unitrac 92 P5 transporter both of which use the Perkins® 904J-E36TA. 

“Perkins involved us very early in the product development work and responded to our requirements,” explained Lindner marketing and export manager, David Lindner. “For example, the engine was subjected to long-term testing at extreme angles, which reflects how it will be used in practice by our customers.”

The Lintrac 130 is the most powerful tractor offered by Lindner. It uses an advanced continuously variable TMT11-ZF transmission that allows the engine to be operated at reduced speed which significantly improves fuel economy while providing ample power to handle two mowers, large rotors and rakes and even bale presses. 

“Another important consideration was the need to minimise the space required by the engine, which was fully taken into account by Perkins from the first prototype,” David added. “Perkins engines – and particularly the new Perkins 904J-E36TA – are ideally suited to our vehicles.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with vehicles that make their work more efficient and meet their specific requirements. With our new machines – and the Perkins engines that power them – we’ll bring our customers even more success.”


Want to know more? Read the full case study.


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