Comprehensive range of service and maintenance products

Perkins offers a complete range of maintenance and repair products. This category covers three main areas – cooling systems, electrics and seals – all of which may need replacement as part of your servicing and repair regime. In common with all Perkins genuine parts, they come complete with a comprehensive 12 month warranty.

Perkins service and maintenance products fall broadly into three categories:

Cooling systems

Cooling systems protect your engine from damage caused by overheating. They are usually a water cooled system with a combination of the radiator and the water pump working in harmony to remove the very high levels of heat generated as part of the combustion process.

Radiators are designed to disperse heat. Their design incorporates as large a surface area as possible and the tubes within them are arranged in long loops to add to the area available. Water that has travelled through the engine flows into these tubes where the heat is lost, often with the aid of a fan to help the cooling process.


Cooling systems, electrics and seals form the service and maintenance range

Cooling systems, electrics and seals form the service and maintenance range

The water pump circulates this water in a continuous loop, feeding cold water into the engine and removing heated water on its way out. Additionally the oil lubrication system can assist in dissipating the heat that is produced when the engine runs.

Engines that run too hot are in danger of not only overheating but consequences such as underperformance and increased fuel consumption can occur.


The electrical range comprises:

Every engine needs a properly functioning, reliable electrical system to make it start and provide power to other parts of the machine. The starter motor provides the power to turn the engine over to begin the compression sequence in the diesel engine. It has to be highly dependable –and we test each one to be capable of starting at least 36,000 times, the equivalent of twice a day, every day for nearly 50 years.

The alternator continually recharges the battery while the engine is running, ensuring that it never loses charger. It also regulates the power going back into the battery so that it doesn’t become overcharged.


The two main seals in your engine are the front and rear end oil seals, located at either end of the crankshaft, and they connect to the flywheel at one end and the fan at the other. They are also found in a number of other places on your engine.

Seals are often made of high grade flexible rubber compounds and can withstand enormous ranges of temperature. Every Perkins seal kit is thoroughly tested to very high tolerances.

It is always highly advisable to replace the seals in your engine when carrying out any form of routine overhaul and in line with the recommendations in your user handbook. It also identifies the part number for your replacement seals.


All products that come under the heading of service and maintenance products are covered by the standard 12 month warranty.