Wide range of maintenance products at your fingertips

Perkins offers a large number of maintenance products to help keep your engine in top condition. These include filters, gaskets, water pumps, consumables, oil pumps and thermostats. Each one has been designed and built to meet the requirements of your engine. All maintenance products come with the Perkins 12 month warranty.

Perkins maintenance products guarantee a long life for your engine. This category includes obvious examples such as filters, which require regular changing, and others such as oil pumps,which need less frequent attention.

Filters cover fuel, air and oil. All aim to keep dirt and other particles out of your engine. Dirt is particularly abrasive and even the smallest speck inside the engine can wear away at the smooth internal spaces.

Gaskets form fixed seals between different parts of the engine assembly. The most notable is the head gasket, the junction between the cylinder head and the rest of the engine. They are highly resilient, withstand temperatures as high as 750°C and as low as minus 40°C and they seal against gases up to 2250 psi. Only genuine gaskets offer this level of protection.

Pump power

Water pumps send a mixture of water and coolant through channels in the engine and back out into a radiator to disperse the heat generated. An average Perkins water pump will move a greater volume of water in 24 hours than a domestic washing machine in a whole year.


Perkins provides a wide range of maintenance products

Perkins provides a wide range of maintenance products

Oil pumps circulate oil to lubricate all the parts within the engine and to remove heat from critical internal components. Reduced lubrication caused by a worn pump will increase wear in the engine and could lead to seizure of the pump itself, with the potential to cause considerable damage.

The consumables category currently covers fluid to protect and help your engine operate efficiently, including Extended Life Coolant and Fuel Conditioner.

Risk of false readings

Thermostats are relatively inexpensive but are vital in relaying information about the temperature at which the engine is running. A faulty thermostat will give false readings leading to ineffective coolant circulation.

Fuel injectors

Fuel injectors spray atomised fuel into the combustion chamber. A number of types of injector are available depending on the engine control system and the engine type. The injectors in the engine are specially selected to provide the best combination of performance and fuel burn to meet the emissions standard in the region. Injector actuation and control can be mechanical, hydraulically actuated electronic or mechanically actuated electronic. Electronic injectors combined with high pressure common rail systems can deliver multiple injections to optimise the fuel burn helping to meet the higher emissions levels and provide high performance power.

Fuel injection pumps

The fuel injection pump is a highly important and complex component, and enables the delivery of the best power response to meet the emissions legislation. All our fuel injection pumps give you precise calibration and fuel delivery, Perkins operates hundreds of hours of testing to ensure they are correctly calibrated. By optimising the combustion in your engine, its power, efficiency and fuel consumption are maximised. Replacements are provided pre-calibrated so they can be installed straight on the engine without needing to make any adjustments to the settings.


Turbochargers (turbos) operate up to 180,000 revolutions a minute and are precision manufactured with tolerances as fine as one-millionth of an inch. Our turbochargers are specifically designed for the power and operation of the engine to deliver the highest performance and reliability, where incorrect specification can lead to low power, reduced performance and reduced life caused by high internal temperatures or improper balancing–They optimise fuel consumption and maximise the performance of your engine by up to 40 percent against more conventional, naturally aspirated engines.


The two most important electrical elements in an engine are starter motors and alternators.

Starter motors deliver the reliability to start up your engine time and again. All Perkins starter motors are designed and tested across a range of temperatures. Our aim is that they will start around 36,000 times, the equivalent of once a day for almost 10 years.

The alternator provides electrical power to the machine in which the engine sits when it is running. It also recharges the battery that is used to start the engine. It must do this time after time in all climates and settings because reliability has to be a watchword for our engines.


Adhering to the service schedules that come with the information about your engine and replacing parts in line with that advice is the simplest way of avoiding issues and making sure your engine will run smoothly for years to come.

Our repair products are designed to fit easily with your engine, with precision at their core.