Reliability built into starter motors

You need your starter motor to function time after time. It is unlikely to fail but if that does happen, it is quick and easy to order a replacement from your distributor. You can rest assured that your genuine replacement starter motor will work as well as the original did when it was new.

The starter motor provides the power needed to begin the compression sequence in the diesel engine. It takes its charge from the electrical system and is constantly recharged while the engine is in operation.

You can only depend on your Perkins engine if the starting and charging system is effective and fully operational. This need for dependability is why we test each of our starter motors. We ensure each one is capable of starting 36,000 times. Put another way, that is twice a day, every day of the year, for nearly 50 years.


Starter motors are designed to fire at least 36,000 times

Starter motors are designed to fire at least 36,000 times

Temperature tolerance

In some applications, such as machinery that operates round the clock, the engine will have to actually start a relatively small number of times. Other engines will be need to be constantly turned on and off again, so it is critical to have a starter motor that will work day in, day out, all year, whatever the setting.

We also test our starter motors for their tolerance to variations of temperature. Many of our engines operate in some of the world’s most challenging settings, often remote and in the most extreme cases, a journey of several days from breakdown help. Users need to have confidence that their starter motor will work for them whatever the settings, from sub-arctic tundra to blazing hot deserts or in the less exotic surroundings of factory sites.


Engineered for you

Once installed, the new starter motor comes under the standard warranty ensuring that you are covered for all costs associated with any subsequent breakdown or seizure of the starter motor. This also covers you for any additional costs due to related damage to parts of the engine.