Product offering

Using official Perkins repair products can considerably enhance the performance of your engine and extend its life. These parts are available to order quickly and easily from your local distributor.


Cooling systems

There is an optimum temperature at which your Perkins engine needs to run to maximise its efficiency and prolong its life. The cooling system – which is made up of several different but complementary components – is vital in preventing engines from over-heating and breaking down.

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Filters help you clean up

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is an important part of the Tier 4 interim & final engine as it traps soot, ash and other particulates in your Perkins engine and it should receive regular attention as part of your routine maintenance programme. Unlike other filters, particulate filtersdeal with waste gases leaving the engine and the build-up of ash and soot can have serious consequences reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your engine. These filters can be cleaned or replaced. All genuine Perkins filters are covered by a 12 month warranty.

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The effectiveness of your engine’s starting and charging system is critical to the dependability of your engine and application. Only by purchasing genuine Perkins electrics can you have the confidence that the product is to the correct specification, and will deliver the power you need.

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Fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors

If the fuel injection pump and injector aren’t working correctly, starting, idling, performance and emissions can all be affected. That’s why Perkins takes such care to manufacture our parts to very fine tolerances, giving you the great quality you expect and need from Perkins components.

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Gasket and seal kits

Gaskets and seals are an essential part of any engine repair. They keep the gases, fuel and coolant where they should be and as single use items, must be replaced each time they are removed from an engine.

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Seals play a significant role in your engine’s operation. Although these parts are relatively small, they are crucial to the smooth running of your equipment. In their simplest form, they retain engine oil and prevent any dirt or contaminants from entering that could damage your engine. This prevents potentially disastrous consequences from different liquids or gases leaking, mixing or escaping.

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Replacing your Perkins filters needs to be part of your maintenance regime. All filters have the same primary purpose – to keep unwanted debris and other material out of the working parts of the engine. Any material not caught by a filter can potentially damage the engine and, at the very least, compromise its efficiency.

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Liquid coolant, cleaning and conditioning fluid designed for your engine. Coolant is vital for the smooth operation and long life of every engine we produce. Using Perkins Extended Life Coolant (ELC) extends the time needed between coolant changes and is the recommended product for doing so. Using a Perkins approved cleaner and conditioner for your diesel engine helps to maintain it in the best condition possible when you encounter poor fuel quality.

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Turbochargers boost performance

Turbochargers are integral parts of many Perkins engines, precision engineered to strict tolerances. They play a key part in how the engines perform. If they fail, replacement turbochargers are quick and simple to obtain, helping to minimise your downtime and get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.

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