Fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors

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Fuel injection pumps and 
fuel injectors

Fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors

Your engine relies on fuel to operate, and for efficient operation, that fuel must be delivered in small, highly precise doses. Incredibly, it takes just 250 millionths of a second to inject fuel into your engine’s combustion chamber, with each injection being perfectly timed to align with the combustion cycle.

If the fuel injection pump and injector aren’t working correctly, starting, idling, performance and emissions can all be affected. The signs of worn or sub-standard fuel injectors and pumps are hard to ignore. That’s why Perkins takes such care to manufacture our parts to very fine tolerances, giving you the great quality you expect and need from Perkins components. 

Fuel injection
Benefits of Perkins fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors
  •  Highest quality genuine parts
  •  As-new quality and performance
  •  Precision engineered to the latest factory specification
  •  Competitively priced
  •  Choice of buying options – new/remanufactured/new-for-old
  •  Environmentally friendly exchange options
  • 12 month warranty

Why choose Perkins fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors?



Perkins parts are designed by the same engineers who designed your Perkins engine. With these precision parts, that’s important. Others may reverse engineer parts that look fine to the naked eye, but with injector nozzle hole diameters as small as 99 microns, the width of a human hair, you need more than that.

Our injectors are designed with special coatings to handle variable quality ‘real world’ fuels and are tested in extreme environments – high and low altitudes, slopes and both high and low temperatures – to ensure all parts provide the highest level of performance, are clean and meet the relevant country’s emission standards.

Full range

Whatever engine you own, from a small 400 Series engine to our largest 4000 Series, we will have the specific part you need: mechanical or electronic, single or multi-spray. 


You can purchase Perkins fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors either as new, new-for-old or remanufactured options within the Perkins® Power Exchange programme.

With remanufactured parts, you get the same identical specifications and quality control, but with the knowledge you are saving money and reusing materials, so supporting the environment. We never compromise on quality, always using new injector nozzles, for example, where tolerances are so precise.

With average prices 20-30 percent lower than new, remanufactured and new for old parts save money and help protect the environment, while delivering the quality you expect from Perkins. 



Our parts always incorporate the latest technology. With precision parts such as these, that is vitally important.

Perkins new and remanufactured electronic fuel injectors all include a factory established E-Trim code. These normalise the performance of injectors by reducing variability. With the correct Perkins E-Trim codes, our injectors are uniquely controlled to optimise engine performance and fuel economy. These support proper engine calibration and emissions compliance, minimise cylinder-to-cylinder variation and help avoid issues that can lead to component and oil degradation. 

More information on E-Trim codes is available on our Technical Marketing Bulletin:
Perkins Fuel Injectors: Avoid Costly Repairs with E-Trim Codes




Genuine parts

Whenever you fire up one of our engines, you are putting hundreds of individual components through incredible stress.

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Genuine parts Genuine parts

Repair products for extended engine life

Perkins repair products are designed to fit easily with your engine. Precision engineering is as firmly embedded in the official Perkins fuel injectors, turbochargers and electrics as it is in the engines themselves.

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Genuine parts Genuine parts

Aftermarket technical marketing bulletins

For more technical detail on your aftermarket parts, including fuel injector E-Trim codes, click here. 

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