Thermostats help keep you cool

Thermostats are essential for regulating the flow of coolant around the engine. Fitting a non-genuine thermostat could potentially cause your Perkins engine to overheat and seize up, or for it to run at too low a temperature. The thermostat is essential to prevent an engine from overheating or overcooling so that it works as efficiently as possible at all times.

All Perkins engines are designed to run at an optimum temperature for power output and for fuel economy. The role of the thermostat is to regulate the flow of coolant around the engine to keep it at that ideal temperature.

Our thermostats are specifically built to work with your Perkins engine and are designed to control the flow of the coolant. If the engine temperature increases, the thermostat closes the bypass hole and allows the coolant to flow into the engine channels and cool the engine.

Conversely, if the engine temperature is too low, the thermostat will cause the coolant to bypass the cooling system and prevent it from entering until the engine temperature is hot enough to warrant its introduction.

The thermostat plays a vital role in regulating engine temperature.

Continuous regulated loop

The heat absorbed into the coolant is later exchanged via the radiator; after that the coolant –which is now at a much lower temperature – is returned to the system in a sealed loop, all of which is regulated by the thermostat.

This process takes place continuously when your engine is running and it largely takes place unnoticed. It only becomes a problem when an issue arises, such as if the engine is running too hot; that can be directly attributable to a faulty or worn-out thermostat.

Perkins thermostats have been designed to integrate with specific engine models. The part you order will be specific for your engine and, as a result, will work seamlessly with it. Choosing to use a genuine Perkins part over a cheaper, off-the-shelf alternative to replace an old thermostat removes any element of doubt about its suitability, compatibility and it is your guarantee of quality.

Comprehensive warranty

In common with all Perkins parts obtained from your local distributor, new replacement thermostats carry a comprehensive 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

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