Fuel filters aid engine efficiency

Changing your Perkins fuel filters needs to be part of your maintenance regime. The fuel filter ensures that the fuel entering the chamber is as clean as possible. The consequences of contaminated fuel include fuel injection pump failure, dirty and blocked nozzles, excessive smoke and reduced engine performance.

A fuel filter is a relatively simple part for any engine. It costs very little and replacing it involves little effort. However, if you choose to ignore it, a faulty filter could end up costing you many times its value should it fail or prove to be inadequate.

The main role of a fuel filter is to prevent any unwanted materials from entering the fuel supply and it is a standard feature for all internal combustion engines.

Even forecourt standard diesel requires the use of filters. As well as keeping out dirt and other contaminants, preventing rust from entering the combustion chamber is a major consideration if your machinery operates in a remote location and the diesel is stored in metal barrels – and many of our engines are found in some of the world’s most hostile working environments.

Fuel filters prevent contaminants getting into your engine

The main difficulties with dirty fuel are that it burns less efficiently and as a consequence the power generated by the engine falls while the fuel consumption rises. Particulates can damage your fuel injectors, causing wear to the injectors which mean excess fuel is delivered leading to the need to replace them. Conversely particulates in the fuel can block the injector which then leads to fuel starvation in a cylinder, and lumpy running behaviour. Problems with starting your engine can be an indication of a blocked fuel filter. All these issues can be avoided by incorporating their replacement into your regular maintenance regime. Perkins Fuel filters are generally cartridges which contain a fine filter paper. The holes in it are large enough to allow the fuel to flow through it but still small enough to catch any unwanted debris. Some of our engines use two tier fuel filters, often employed with electronically controlled engines, where fuel quality becomes a higher importance. Combined with the fuel filter is a water separator, to remove water in the fuel which is a cause of rust. The frequency at which fuel filters need to be changed will vary according to the engine model you run and the conditions in which it operate but can be found in your operations and maintenance manual.

Fast facts

Perkins fuel filters:

  • Help protect your fuel injectors
  • Stop contaminants, including rust from metal barrels, getting into the combustion chamber
  • Use advanced replacement cartridge systems, to reduce environmental impact

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