Preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring your engine lasts as long as possible. There are regular checks that you should carry out in line with the recommend schedules to do this.

You can download maintenance schedules if you do not already have them.

Preventing something from going wrong is almost always cheaper than repairing it when it does go wrong. That is why Perkins produces recommendations for the regular maintenance of your engine.

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Engine signs of failure

Our engines are tough and dependable – but they do benefit from regular care and attention. You probably already carry out daily checks, which should include a visual review as well as an operational inspection. These checks, along with in-depth weekly and monthly inspections of your engine, will help flag up potential problems before they lead to major repairs.

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How do you maintain a Perkins engine?

Maintaining your Perkins engine is easy to do if you follow the relevant guidelines in your operating manual. These are set out simply and include daily, weekly and yearly checks, also expressed in terms of the number of hours for which the engine has been running. It is possible to download the relevant manual if you no longer have yours.

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Maximising your engine's uptime

The entire Perkins aftermarket operation is all about getting your engine back up and running again in the shortest time possible if it should break down. Maximising uptime is the main requirement for our customers and everything we do is aimed at making this happen – from offering advice via the distributor network to getting the parts you need dispatched as soon as possible.

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Maintenance tips and tricks

A proper maintenance regime will reduce your running costs and prolong the life of your engine. In addition to the scheduled maintenance that all engine owners should carry out, there are a number of other hints and tips which will help keep your engine in excellent working order.

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