Maximising your engine's uptime

The entire Perkins aftermarket operation is all about getting your engine back up and running again in the shortest time possible if it should break down. Maximising uptime is the main requirement for our customers and everything we do is aimed at making this happen – from offering advice via the distributor network to getting the parts you need dispatched as soon as possible.

When you buy a Perkins engine, you expect it to be rugged and reliable, and to last a very long time. We expect the same and that is one of the reasons why we offer class-leading warranties on all our engines, including the option of extended service contracts.

Despite that, there can be times when even the most meticulously maintained of engines goes wrong. And when that happens, you need your engine back up and running in as short a time as possible. That is our aim, too.

Our aftermarket offering is all about ensuring that your engine is not out of action for a minute longer than it needs to be. To help achieve this, our distributors are located strategically around the world and making contact with them should always be your starting point. They’re the people who can arrange not only the urgent delivery of the parts you need, but also give the critical advice necessary.


The Perkins global support network

Experience and expertise

The chances are that your issue will not be new to them. Someone else in their territory may well have come across the same, or a similar problem so the advice they give will be based on genuine experience of working with Perkins engines. They understand, too, that you cannot afford to be without your engine for any length of time, so everything will be done to supply the parts you need in the shortest time possible.

We offer a truly global support network with two major warehouses strategically located on opposite sides of the world, near Manchester in the UK and in Singapore. Our first class distribution network gives you access to thousands of genuine parts – designed and built for the specific engine model and number that you own. When it comes to maximising the uptime of your engine, we’re all in this together.

Fast facts

We help maximise your uptime by:

  • Providing a global support network
  • Arranging urgent delivery of replacement parts
  • Offering critical expert advice