Will English: "It's essential we see things from our customers' point of view"

Meet Will English – Perkins applications engineering technical specialist. It’s Will’s role to help customers understand the technical intricacies of new engines and technologies, and ensure they integrate the best solutions into their machines to power a more productive future.

What does your role as applications engineer technical specialist entail, and how does it add value for Perkins customers?

I’m part of Perkins Applications and Integration (A&I) team, which works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to help them select and integrate the most appropriate engines and technologies for their individual needs. We work together to ensure the solution is installed correctly and satisfies the customers’ requirements in terms of power delivery, performance, packaging and price. My role in all of this is to provide technical expertise at each stage of the journey. In practice, that means going out to meet customers and talking about the advanced technologies in our engines. I capture their requirements from a fundamental product perspective, and then work with our product teams to ensure the solution meets the customer’s needs.

What kind of new technologies do you discuss with customers?

It could be new products, like our EU Stage V line-up, our Perkins® Syncro engines, which deliver more power in a smaller package, or individual technologies such as fuel filtration, air filtration and aftertreatment which meet their needs for operation in particular emission territories or challenging locations. I advise them on the intricacies of these new technologies and I’m on hand throughout the concept, design, testing, reporting and approval processes to answer their technical questions.

What’s your background in the engine industry and how did you arrive at your role today? 

I began my career as an applications engineer for a large diesel engine manufacturer. In 1995, I joined Perkins as a development engineer working on a variety of engine platforms, including the Perkins® 1100 Series and our LPG-powered (Liquid Petroleum Gas) industrial engine. I joined our applications team in 2005 and have worked directly with some of our largest industrial OEMs, including Manitou and Wacker Neuson, helping them roll out aftertreatment technologies to meet the latest emission standards. I’m now using that experience to ease the introduction of important new technologies into the electric power market. In fact, one of my key objectives is to aid the introduction of Stage V in Europe.

Will English

What skills did you learn in your previous roles that make you stronger in your current one?

As well as developing a deep understanding of our engines, performance and testing, I learned the importance of seeing things from our customers’ point of view. When you put yourself in their shoes, you gain customers’ valuable trust, build stronger relationships and ensure they get a product that’s the perfect match for their application. I’ve also learned the value of having strong project management skills, so I’m able to keep projects on track and our customers informed at every stage.

What do you enjoy most about your role with Perkins?

I love going out and explaining our product range and engine technologies to customers. The EP market is going through a lot of change, with customers having to adopt Stage V engines for European mobile installations, for example. Being able to explain those technologies and helping customers incorporate them seamlessly into their machines is really rewarding. It’s also great to be part of a business that has such incredible heritage and respect in the EP market. We have a brilliant reputation out there and customers are receptive to what we have to say.

How do you like to unwind when you’re not talking tech with customers?

I’ve always loved engines, so I can’t help taking that passion home with me. My garage is full of equipment, from lawnmowers and mopeds to old cars, that I love to work on. With the help of my son, we recently brought a Triumph GT6 back to life. It had been dormant in the garage for 18 years, so it gave us huge satisfaction to hear its 6 cylinder engine running so smoothly again.


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