James Reed: "Engineering success for our customers"

As Perkins business development engineer, James Reed works with our customers to identify new ways to improve their machines – and make them even more competitive.

It’s James’ job to really get under the skin of what Perkins customers want, and to convert this understanding into ideas and solutions that enhance the performance of their machines.

“Being a business development engineer is really about customer satisfaction,” said James. “Many sales roles mean going out and selling what your company has to offer, but my role is about finding out what our customers need and making sure they’re reflected in our product strategy.”

James spends a large part of his time understanding our OEMs’ (Original Equipment Manufacturers) businesses. He collaborates with them at a detailed technical level to understand their current and future requirements. He also dedicates time to monitoring the market and understanding its likely direction of travel, so Perkins products stay ahead of the curve.

He adds further value by thoroughly scrutinising how customers’ engines are installed in their machines. 

“We work with OEMs to make sure their integration is as good as it can be, so their machines are more successful in the market place,” said James. “I also provide advice to customers’ engineering teams on our engines and technologies, because the more they understand the benefits, the better they can make their overall machine.”

With 20 years’ experience in engineering and proficiency in building great relationships, James is made for this role.

“My career has covered engine development, integration and aftertreatment,” said James. “Each role has focused heavily on project management, process and quality, and all that experience means I can really get the best from customers’ machines.”

Across all aspects of life, James puts his energy and focus to good use. Whether he’s carving up a water ski slalom course, supporting his son’s football team, or serving our customers on the ground, his passion, dedication and experience means he does a great job, every time.


James Reed