XCMG’s carbon reduction programme

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XCMG, a China-based equipment manufacturer, has announced a programme of action (POA) to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 32 percent by 2035 compared to base year 2020 according to an article in International Construction.

Other POA goals for 2035 include 50 percent of total energy use from renewable sources and more than 35 percent penetration of new energy products in addition to the carbon footprint reduction. Interim POA goals are a 15 percent reduction in energy consumption and a 26 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2025 compared to 2020.

The company will use a projected 700 percent increase in wind and solar power generated within its facilities to reach its consumption goals. This will be augmented by a 25 percent market penetration of new energy products to reach the 2035 goals.

The article states that XCMG intends to be carbon neutral by 2049.

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