Renewable diesel is an attractive option for off-road equipment.

Canola field

Recent changes to California’s regulations covering off-road diesel equipment are expected to drive the growth of renewable diesel fuel in the state immediately and nationally over the coming years. That was the message David Bolderoff, fleet manager for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, delivered to attendees at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

As reported in Compact Equipment magazine, Bolderoff said that renewable diesel is an attractive solution for off-road users because it provides a true “drop-in” replacement for petroleum diesel with the added benefit of up to 5 percent higher energy density. He also noted that renewable diesel is a clean burning paraffinic fuel with a cetane number >65, a desirable cloud point, good storage qualities and a smaller environmental footprint including a 65 to 90 percent carbon reduction.

The article continues that because renewable diesel meets the same ASTM D975 certification standard that ultra-low sulphur diesel does, many OEMs have issued statements saying using it won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty and it won’t hurt the engine. Finally, Bolderoff said, that considering all of the regulatory cost factors in California, his organisation actually found using renewable diesel to be comparable or even less expensive.

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