The end is not in sight for diesel powered construction equipment.

Diesel engine

Like Mark Twain’s famous quote, reports of the death of diesel powered construction equipment are greatly exaggerated. That is the message of a recent article in International Construction magazine which examines the challenges faced by both diesel engines and the technologies envisioned as their replacement.

Electrification, alternative fuels including non-petroleum liquids, hydrogen as a fuel, or in a fuel cell, batteries, hybrids and the various combinations and permutations of these technologies are examined in the article. Each potential solution has its own set of challenges, which means diesels and other combustion engines are likely to be a significant part of the mix well into the future.

As diesels continue to become more efficient, and power dense, their ability to operate reliably under adverse conditions or in remote locations will ensure their continued viability. The article concludes that it will take decades for alternate technologies to displace diesel engines.

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