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Rental industry acquisitions continue to make news


As the rental industry continues to rebound from the pandemic, the frequency and scale of acquisition activity is accelerating. International Rental News recently reported on major deals that closed recently:

  • French rental firm Kiloutou entered the Portuguese market by acquiring Grupo Vendap.
  • Toi Toi & Dixi Group GmbH are in the process of acquiring Sebach which operates in Italy and France.
  • Selwood in the UK is now 83 percent owned by Arcus Infrastructure Partners.
  • In Canada Cooper Equipment Rentals purchased One Stop Rentals & Sales.
  • French-based Loxam purchased sister rental companies Sofranel and Société Cominoise de Location.
  • National Trench Safety acquired Vellano Shoring and Supply headquartered in New York state.
  • Puerto Rican based González Trading acquired Panama-based PowerGen and Costa Rican rental firm Renta Unida and re-branded itself as Teselta.
  • Kennards Hire acquired Rangiora Hire to expand its network in New Zealand.

And one that didn’t

  • The board of Vp PLC has rejected several offers and will continue with its controlling owner Ackers P Investment Co. Ltd.

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