New marine engines welcomed by distributors.

Perkins recently returned to the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam with a new range of auxiliary marine engines. Powernews went along to see what the event was all about.



“This was my first time at METS, and it was wonderful to meet with our distributors and see their reactions to the new platforms from Perkins marine,” comments Ben Lewis sales support manager for Perkins marine. “A packed three-day show, highlighted how much Perkins has been missed from the show and how pleased our network was to see us there and take time for some engaging and future project conversations.”

Ben is referring to November 2023 and the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), the largest marine equipment show dedicated to the leisure marine sector. Perkins’ marine presence at the show was a strategic choice to launch the Perkins® E44 and the E70B electronic auxiliary marine engines. Historically Perkins marine has had a stand at the show and having taken a break since 2016 it was time to return. With Perkins Distributor engagement at the forefront of marine strategy, METS is the ideal place to reconnect with distributors from around the world who convene at the show over three days in November at the RAI in the heart of Amsterdam.

The new E44 was on display and the Perkins marine team from Wimborne, UK, of Dave Wood, Simon Browne, Mark Bleakley, Benita Liepina, Ben Lewis, and Ross Stoneham were joined by Dutch distributor for Perkins, Viktor Butyrin from KVT to show the new auxiliary engine in all its glory.

New to the auxiliary range is the E44, an electronic 4.4 litre, 4-cylinder engine. It offers a 500-hour interval service, low maintenance features, and high-power density. A self-priming common rail fuel system, no zinc anodes, automatic valve adjustment and self-tensioning belts. These features all add up to exceptional uptime.

The larger more powerful E70B is an evolution of the E70-TAG with the same prevailing features of a Perkins engine; high power density, excellent fuel economy with fewer maintenance touchpoints for exception uptime. The E70B is an advancement based on customer feedback. Specific features have been incorporated for the OEM market and third party generator set packagers. In particular, the low-pressure fuel system and electrical systems are now engine mounted and there is no engine base – this simplifies the packaging requirements and reduces the space required for the engine.

Over the three days at METS multiple distributors from EAME and APD regions, end users, media, suppliers and interested parties came onto the Perkins stand. It was an ideal opportunity for the team to engage with those who are already part of the Perkins marine community or those considering Perkins marine for future use. The show saw the sale of the first units, and it also enabled new and old faces from marine to make connections.

The first E44 engines are already on their way to distributors, with Multico Power Drive Pte Ltd in Singapore receiving the first in Q1 of 2024. The engine is being packaged into generator set and will be on a commercial passenger ferry in the near future.

Ben adds: “The strategy for marine is clear and concise. Face-to-face conversations at shows like METS is providing a place for feedback on the current range, new engines, and what’s to come in the future. The journey has started.”

Throughout the three day show and following the exhibition Perkins marine has received some informative and productive feedback from distributors and end users at the show.


Perkins marine engines will return to METS in 2024 from November 19-21, and distributors can also find both the E44 and the E70B on display at Seawork, Southampton, UK from June 11-13 where they are invited to bring their customers along to the stand.

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