Perkins range of marine diesel engines

Perkins range of marine diesel engines

Perkins marine products provide propulsion for small pleasure craft, high-speed powerboats and commercial craft, including fishing vessels, dredgers, pilot boats and tugs. With engines giving 64-225 kW (86-300 hp), there’s a Perkins propulsion engine for your marine needs – and one that meets the emissions standards of the territory in which you’ll be operating. Our engines also provide auxiliary power (12.3-218kW/13.8-275 kVA) to generate the electricity for lightening, pumps and haul net equipment. 

Perkins marine products are the engines of choice for use in craft from small yachts to high-speed powerboats and from fishing vessels to dredgers, pilot boats and tugs.

It’s a winning combination – the best boats and the best engines.

In 1982, the powerboat Miss Britain IV set a new world speed record on water at 124.24 mph. It was powered by engines from Sabre Engines Ltd, a company that was to be acquired by Perkins parent company Caterpillar in 2000.

In 2013, the powerboat HTS was repowered with Perkins M300C engines. The boat was the winner of the 1972 London to Monte Carlo powerboat race, then powered by a pair of Ford Sabre engines. It spent three decades in the Basildon Powerboat Museum in Essex before being restored for racing once more.

Perkins has marine diesel engines and marine engine parts to meet your needs
Perkins has a marine engine to meet your needs

Perkins provides engines for the complete range of marine applications both for propulsion and for auxiliary use. Operators of record-breaking powerboats, sedate pleasure craft and ocean-going commercial vessels have all come to rely on the reliability and performance of Perkins engines.
Jonathan Wellstead, marine sales manager

Pleasure craft

Our quiet, low emission engines for pleasure craft propulsion are ideal for both new-builds and for repowering existing craft. They give dependable cold starting, one-sided easy access for maintenance and 500 hour service intervals.

Owners, from the smallest of vessels to offshore powerboats, have consistently chosen our engines for their build quality, ease of servicing, low cost of ownership and compliance with marine environmental standards.

For smaller pleasure craft, there is the M92B engine. This 4.4 litre propulsion unit delivers 64 kW (86 hp) with a peak torque of 308 Nm at 1200 rpm.  For larger pleasure and commercial vessels there are propulsion engines up to 6.6 litre, giving 96-225 kW (130-300 hp).

The M300C engine that powers the new HTS Perkins powerboat delivers that high end 225 kW (300 hp). Its peak torque is 1050 Nm at 1400 rpm.


The exceptional cold starting ability of our propulsion engines gives commercial operators the reliability and durability they demand. Their businesses depend on it.

Our M92B engine is popular for use in fishing vessels, patrol and pilot boats and passenger ferries.

Auxiliary power

It's not all about propulsion. We supply engines for on-board auxiliary use, too. They power electricity generator sets to power lightening, pumps and haul net gear on fishing boats.

Our engines for auxiliary applications offer the same impressive features as all our marine engines.

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low engine noise and vibration
  • Rapid cold starting and pick-up built in
  • Single-side maintenance access
  • Extended service intervals

Whatever your auxiliary needs, we have a marine engine for you- from the 1.496 litre 415GM that delivers 12.3-14.7 kW (13.8-16.5 kVA) up to the 7 litre E70TAG that delivers 109-218 kW (125-250 kVA).

Wide-ranging applicability

Our marine engines can be used in ambient temperatures up to 50°C and seawater temperatures up to 38°C. There's even a starting aid available for temperatures as low as -15°C.

The range of Perkins marine products includes engines to meet the emissions standards wherever your vessel will operate- RCD, IMO2, EPA 3 and CCNR 2.  Find out more on how we meet marine emission standards.


Pleasure craft

Propulsion for pleasure craft

With excellent power-to-weight ratios, our engines give boat designers and fitters all the flexibility they need when it comes to new boat design or re-power installations for pleasure craft.

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Powering the commercial fleet

Reliability and economy are prime considerations for customers, whatever the commercial use of a marine engine. Our engines give you all the reliability you need for clean, quiet and smooth operation.

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Electricity afloat with auxiliary products

Our marine engines for auxiliary applications give you low cost of ownership, excellent fuel economy and competitive prices both for engine and parts.

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New auxiliary marine engine launched

New auxiliary marine engine launched - E70M

The E70M engine gives you low cost of ownership, flexibility, dependable power and helps protect the environment. The 6 cylinder, 7 litre engine, with 120-240 kW (160-335 hp) ratings, has service free hydraulic tappets, gear-driven pumps and serpentine auxiliary belts. It gives you high power with low fuel consumption.

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Case studies

Customer case studies

Perkins Marine prides itself on forming close personal relationships and in providing long term, long standing solutions for its global customer base. The case studies below show the trusted reliability and global support you can expect to receive when purchasing a Perkins marine engine.

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