Powering more
than tractors

Gen Set Powered by Perkins
Gen Set Powered by Perkins

Perkins: powering more than tractors

Hundreds of thousands, even millions of farmers rely on a tractor powered by Perkins.


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Our collection of case studies reveals why businesses around the world trust the reliability and performance of Perkins engines. 

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At the peak of our tractor engine production, one in five of the world’s tractors was powered by a Perkins engine.

But as agriculture has become more mechanised, farmers have demanded ever-greater capability from their machinery manufacturers. Agricultural engineers have found ever-more ingenious ways to harness power in pursuit of on-farm productivity.

So it’s no surprise that Perkins works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver agricultural power solutions to a far wider range of agricultural equipment than tractors alone.

It’s here that our unique collaborative approach shows its true strengths. With Technology Integration Workshops, our ability to tailor a bespoke engine solution to every application and our market-leading range of agricultural engines, Perkins is best placed to help when an OEM needs an engine/machine application for any agricultural application, tractor or not.

Powering more than tractors

Be it a combine, a sprayer, a harvester, other specialist equipment or smaller, static equipment such as a frost fan, grain drier or generator, you can trust us to respond effectively and find appropriate power solutions.

If you’d like to talk to us about tailoring an engine to deliver the power you need for your agricultural equipment, contact us to explore the potential.

Or for some more inspiration, see for yourself how we’ve provided agricultural power solutions for a variety of equipment in our selection of case studies.


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