Compliance needn’t be complex

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needn’t be complex

Compliance needn’t be complex

Ask any of our 800+ original equipment manufacturers (OEM) customers worldwide what they enjoy most about their collaboration with Perkins and they’ll tell you about the no-fuss, meticulous approach that is our hallmark.

Put simply, we share with you our ideas, best practice and agricultural engineering know-how to customise our engines to deliver optimal performance. With an understanding of your unique challenges and requirements, our focus on performance objectives is not just about power. It’s also about our shared commitment to deliver an ever-lighter footprint, through engines that work for you and the environment, as well as the farmer end-user.

Our presence in over 175 countries worldwide gives us unbeaten insight into regulated and non-regulated agricultural markets. Our common core engine philosophy and wide range of engine-mounted aftertreatment solutions presents OEMs with the opportunity to adopt a single engine platform that can be configured to meet specific market needs and regulatory requirements.

That’s in addition to the logistical benefits derived from working with an experienced, single supplier with consistent worldwide quality standards and a detailed grasp of agricultural power applications.

  • Whatever market you’re selling into, Perkins has the knowledge, experience and engineering creativity to provide solutions to your unique wants and needs
  • Deep understanding of global emission standards and how they impact you
  • Dual-certified engines help OEMs comply with the most stringent emission control requirements
  • Manage inventory more effectively with engines that can be used without modification in highly regulated markets such as the EU and U.S.
  • Single-engine platform provides options for lesser-regulated countries
  • Our unique Technology Integration Workshops enable us to work with you to design productive machines with a low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Our emissions technologies

With Perkins aftertreatment solutions, agricultural OEMs benefit from improved performance and fuel efficiency, dependable power and a low total cost of ownership for the operator and end-user.

Our flexible approach to integration gives OEMs a wide range of options to suit every want and need. Perkins is renowned for using its technology and expertise to solve the most unusual and challenging agricultural applications.

Customer case studies

Our collection of case studies reveals why businesses around the world trust the reliability and performance of Perkins engines. 

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