Gomselmash and Perkins combine on innovative new harvester

Gomselmash Holding


Engine Specification
Perkins® 2206J-E13TA 

Combine harvester

388 kW (520 hp)



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Belarusian manufacturer Gomselmash selected Perkins to provide the power for its latest top-of-the-range, EU Stage V-compliant combine—the powerful Palesse GS16.

Gomselmash Holding has been developing agricultural technology since 1930 and, in recent years, has turned its focus on developing high-quality, high-tech harvesters that are packed with user-friendly technologies and innovations.

With a growing passion for pioneering product development, it took the decision to find a new engine supplier that could help it deliver a new generation of high-performing, reliable and efficient machines. Perkins, with its worldwide reputation for engine excellence, was the only choice.

The first machine to come out of the collaboration with Perkins is Gomselmash’s Palesse-branded GS16 grain-harvesting combine, aimed at large agricultural enterprises that grow high-yield grains and other threshable crops.

Perkins provides EU Stage V power

Among Gomselmash’s key requirements for the new machine were EU Stage V compliance, low running costs, and the dependability necessary to support customers’ productivity on the farm. With up to 388 kW (520 hp) of power, innovative emissions technology and low installation and running costs, the Perkins® 2206J-E13TA was the right fit.

From day one of the new machine’s development, Perkins provided close support to Gomselmash. After requirements for engine installation had been discussed in detail, Perkins provided a digital model of the engine installation to help Gomselmash’s engineers visualise layout and design options and develop the necessary strength calculations for its machine.

Design documentation was then developed and shared, before a prototype of the harvester was built and the engine installation put through rigorous testing by Perkins.

Gomselmash estimates that Perkins support helped it reduce its standard new product development time from three years to just one. Which means they can now get their machines to market quicker and most importantly, ahead of competitors.

Innovation is key

Gomselmash continues to push forward with product innovation. Indeed, its skills extend beyond the field of harvesters, with the manufacturer also producing cotton machines, trailed and mounted equipment for harvesting potatoes and beets, seeders, sprayers and mowers – as well as a wide range of attachments for grain and forage harvesters.

With a global reach, Gomselmash exports its machines to almost 50 countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic states, Argentina, Brazil, China and South Korea. Customers say they appreciate the company’s balance of low operating costs, trusted reliability and competitive pricing.


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