Perkins extends life and restores performance of 1100 Series engines with new line of repair sleeves

Cost-effective solution enables targeted repairs of cylinder bores as a flexible alternative to full engine overhauls.

Wednesday January 3, 2024

Perkins has introduced a new line of repair sleeves for its 1100 Series engines, enabling end users to return cylinder bores to like-new performance while avoiding the downtime, expense, and waste of a full engine overhaul.

Available now worldwide, the Perkins® 1100 Series repair sleeves allow technicians to restore individual cylinders to their factory dimensions, allowing the original, standard-sized pistons to be retained and maintaining proper engine balance. This process significantly reduces the amount of material removed from the block, helping to extend the life of the original casting while minimising shop time and waste.

The repair sleeves are composed of the same material as the engine block to match the wear, thermal and machining characteristics. They have been validated by Perkins engineers for optimal stability and durability through physical accelerated wear tests, simulation analysis, and material analysis and specification.

The repair sleeves are suitable for 1100 Series engines configured on off-highway equipment and power solutions in the field since 2003.

“As the complexity and expense of engine overhauls have risen over time, equipment owners have requested a flexible, cost-effective solution that enables them to extend operational lifetimes with minimal downtime for service,” said Richard Hemmings, Perkins aftermarket general manager. “This innovative solution for one of our most prevalent engine lines illustrates how our continuous collaboration with customers helps them overcome the challenges they face every day.”


Genuine Perkins® 1100 Series engine repair sleeves enable equipment owners to return cylinder cores to like-new performance while avoiding the downtime, expense, and waste of a full engine overhaul.

Engine repair sleeves

Genuine Perkins parts are engineered and tested to the latest factory specifications to support as-new quality and performance. Reliable, genuine parts are designed to return Perkins engines to peak performance for maximum uptime and reduced ownership costs.

1100 Series engine repair sleeves are available through the Perkins global distributor network, which offers a full suite of genuine support and service that help improve performance, longevity and lower total cost of ownership.  Services include genuine parts, oil, coolant, fluid testing, engine inspections, preventative maintenance, the Perkins® Platinum Protection extended warranty, and the expertise of fully trained technicians.

For more information, visit 1100 Series Repair Sleeves.