Perkins repair sleeves
1100 Series

1100 Series block and sleeve
1100 Series block and sleeve

Perkins Repair Sleeves
Give your engine a second life

The Perkins® 1100 Series repair sleeve allows for the targeted repair of individual, underperforming cylinder cores, returning them to their original dimensions. This proven solution for the 1100 Series helps avoid the need for a complete engine overhaul.

1100 Series liners
1100 Series liners
Allows for targeted repair of single, multiple or all-cylinder repairs Restores performance while enabling greater efficiency and cost savings Designed, validated and tested by the original engines design team

Repair sleeve installation instructions

Perkins repair sleeves enable you to return your engine cylinder bores to the original dimensions enabling single and multiple cylinder overhauls.

The instructions include all the required information, drawings, and specifications to ensure a reliable and durable repair.


  • Cylinder block inspection
  • Machining of the cylinder block
  • Repair sleeve installation and honing
  • Cleanliness and storage recommendations


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1106 repair sleeve drawings